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The Winning Bugs for 2014!
Pecan Weevil Larva
Ardmore Middle School
Hercules Beetle
Cornelsen Elementary
Wood Boring Beetle
Cyril Elementary
Mole Cricket
Emmanuel Christian School
Antlion (Doodlebug)
Luther Upper Elementary
Norwood School
Cow Ant or Red Velvet Ant
Stigler Middle School

As always, the competition was close. If you want to see ALL of the bugs of last year (including the one from your school, if your school entered), Click Here!

*Bugsy is our logo. He didn't actually win, but we thought we would be nice to him and act like he did.

Each of the winning schools will receive a brand-new Leica stereomicroscope for their school!

Here is a link to This Past Year's Poster!

What does an award ceremony look like? OMS scientists descend on the winning school bringing prizes, posters and images of the winning bug along with fun activities.

The PBS "Beauty of Ugly" show, which includes Ugly Bug, was originally aired in November 2007. Now available on DVD through PBS (for purchase) and by rental at verious places (look up "Nature: The Beauty of Ugly") or free online at PBS (starting at 29:35).

The Contest begins in August each year with results typically announced in November or December.



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